24 de febrer de 2017

An expert in your pocket

First mobile app able to offer personalized answers related to breastfeeding and maternity. Get it for free on Apple Store and Google Play  
12 de novembre de 2017

Somos la leche, a book to live lactation with your baby in the most natural way

Will my baby be well fed if I give him just breast milk? Until when is it ok to breastfeed him? Will I go out of […]
24 de gener de 2018

LactApp creates the world’s first expert, medically endorsed lactation consultant Chatbot

LactApp’s virtual assistant LactApp’s Chatbot enables scalable, instant, personalized information availability to mothers Discoverable on the Messenger platform as “Breastfeeding Expert “
2 de febrer de 2018

LactApp provides on-demand training for Catalonia’s Human Milk Bank

On January 31 we gave a tailored training on breastfeeding at Human Milk Bank’s headquarters, addressed to the professionals who deal with donor mothers in their everyday […]
24 de febrer de 2018

LactApp to be a partner in 2018’s 4YFN

This year we’ll be pleased to take part in the Digital Health & Wellness Summit, part of the Mobile World Congress’ 4YFN. This event, organised by […]