Alba Padró

Alba lives in Barcelona.

A working woman, she could easily go unnoticed. But Alba is not an ordinary woman: this mother devotes a huge amount of her time to help other mothers, families she will likely never meet.

She is on the phone for lactation consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -and has done so for the last 18 years!



… but Alba is not alone

Maria Berruezo is one of many mothers who came across Alba, but a traffic accident with her baby changed their relationship forever.
The vital experience of living together in such adverse circumstances lead them with determination to replicate the model of success that had allowed Maria -information, support and women to women network- to feel supported and capable of making her own decisions.

Enric envisioned a way to amplify Alba and Maria’s endeavor

Enric takes the project to the next level and is responsible for developing LactApp’s strategy.  Focusing on technology to reach mothers, recruitment of talent and, due to his professional experience in the field of health and a successful entrepreneur, he manages to nurture the project with the necessary resources to transform it into a medical device.

Their mission was set.

We downloaded a lactation expert’s brain into an app

We were seeking to support mothers with lactation issues and provide personalised responses.
And, in the process, we have hacked the solution by building an ecosystem where mothers, health professionals and lactation experts can give and receive support.

LactApp’s Chatbot ready on Messenger

LactApp launches its new chatbot, called Alba. In Spanish and English, it’s the world’s first lactation bot, built in conjunction with Silicon Valley startup, Deep Dialog.


New opportunities and challenges came through our organic growth


Adoption between breastfeeding mothers of 0-6m.o. babies


Consultations answered every week


APP downloads - so far!


LactApp becomes intelligent

Research project on Artificial intelligence with European funds to prevent and treat mammary pathologies through image diagnosis and monitoritation of clinical indicators via a mobile device.