Enric Pallarés, CEO

"I will be happy to discuss about technology products that empower women"

LactApp Women's Health startup was founded May 2016 and it focuses on tech products related to women's health.

The startup's app is the first mobile solution able to offer responses to the main difficulties that can appear during breastfeeding. LactApp allows mothers to identify and solve possible difficulties that they may have while they are pregnant, breastfeeding and beyond. LactApp has been created using the methodology of the international breastfeeding consultant (IBCLC), Alba Padró, who has been helping breastfeeding mothers for over 18 years over the phone. It is an effective, accessible and scalable way of attending mothers at any stage of her motherhood. 1 in 4 breastfeeding moms in Spain use the app which is currently solving 30.000 consultations per week.

LactApp has launched its first chatbot on Facebook Messenger under the name @BreastfeedingExpert which can be found in English and Spanish and meets mothers right where they are under a conversational interface.

LactApp is currently working on a research project to bringing Ai into a care system that can SENSE, SEE, UNDERSTAND and ASSESS women health conditions related to breastfeeding.